Certified Embedded Engineer Professional

What is Embedded System?

Embedded Systems are combination of hardware & software. In other words we can define it as an electronic circuits with programmable chip (microcontroller or microprocessor) used to control and monitor an application or machine or to do specific task. We can use software languages like C, C++, Python etc., to program a microcontroller or microprocessor and we term it as Embedded C or Embedded C++ or Embedded Python. Embedded System plays an important role in all electronic and digital devices we use or come across in our life. For example digital watches & TVs, mobile phones, automatic washing machine, microwave woven, automatic motor starter, security cameras, traffic light controller, LED boards in buses and shops, ATM machines, home automation, E-vehicles, robotics, defence, medical devices, IoT products & applications, ECUs in automobiles, automated toll gate, ration shop etc., have embedded hardware and software in it.

Skills of an Embedded Engineer?

Good embedded engineer must know deeply about both hardware and software we use in it. She/ He should know about circuit designing, components used in circuits, selection of perfect / suitable components and good knowledge about microcontroller as well as C (embedded C)/ C++ (embedded C++) or Python (embedded Python) programming.

Embedded Job Opportunities?

Embedded system is a core industry field which is always in demand with high paid jobs. Also it plays an significant role in Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics etc., She / He can become an Embedded hardware engineer, Embedded software engineer, robotics engineer, Firmware engineer, Systems engineer, Product design engineer, IoT product development etc., in small scale companies to MNC companies like Philips, Samsung, Havells, Bajaj electronics, Bharat Electronics, Siemens, Jabil Circuits, Robert Bosch, Honeywell, Wabco, Valeo, Tata Elxsi, Pricol, LMW, Mak Controls etc., She/ He can also be a freelancer or entrepreneur over a period of time with good experience in embedded programming and product development.


Course Duration

450 hrs

Skill level



Anyone who is looking for good embedded job or interested in business developing electronic products or embedded based projects and services.

Who is this course for?

  • School students (looking forward to join BE/ Bsc/ Diploma degree course).
  • College students (ME/BE/Msc/ Bsc/Diploma. Circuit branches are more related)
  • Embedded Job Seekers (ME/BE/Msc/ Bsc/Diploma passed out students & one who is working in non technical field looking for good embedded jobs)
  • Business & working Professionals (to explore embedded hardware and programming in details and looking for product or project development)