Certified PLC Programmer

What is Industrial Automation?

Industrial Automation is nothing but implementing the automation in the industries for controlling and monitoring different processes and machinery's in an industry to reduce or improve a human work. It is achieved by closed loop control systems and information technologies using Panel Components, Sensors, Conveyors, Motors & Drives, Robot Arms, PLCs, HMIs, and SCADA systems. We can simplify it as a combination of Mechatronic systems that perform a specific task as per our requirements.

Automation is required everywhere in the industry from processing the raw material, manufacturing products, Testing Process, Packaging section etc., These systems replace the repetitive and mechanical tasks mainly by using logical programming commands, machinery and programming controller (PLC). Advantages of Industrial Automation are Faster production, reliability, accuracy, safety, cost reduction, consistency etc.

Skills of an Industrial Automation Engineer or PLC Programmer?

Good Industrial Automation engineer or PLC programmer must know deeply about Control Panel Components, different types of Sensors & Motor drives, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Human Machine Interface (HMI), SCADA etc., . He should know about Relay Logic's, PLC programming, HMI & SCADA programming, Motor Drives, Industrial Communication etc.,

Industrial Automation Engineer or PLC Programmer Opportunities?

Industrial Automation engineer or PLC programmer is a core industry job which is always in high demand with growing automation needs in industries.

He can become a Control Panel Engineer, PLC programmer, Automation Engineer or a PLC maintenance engineer in small scale companies like Industrial Automation Panel Builders, Automation Product dealers, or at manufacturing industries like Textile Industries, Steel Industries, Food Industries, Oil & Gas Industries, Automobile Industries, Process Industries etc., Also he can get a direct job in PLC manufacturing MNC’s like Siemens, AB, ABB, Delta, Mitsubishi, Schneider Electric, Fuji, Omron etc.

He can also be a freelancer or entrepreneur over a period of time with good experience in PLC programming and Control Panel.


Course Duration

140 hrs

Skill level



Should have knowledge & Experience in Panel Board Components & Panel Wiring, Sensors and Drives & Controls

Who is this course for?

  • Business & working Professionals (Electrical Fields)